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I get a kick out of em tho.

Dear Meanie,
Thanks for revealing yourself on my previous #IGpost. We knew u prob had an agenda but as we said.. Truth reveals & Love covers, truth revealed that u were offended by the name of #Jesus & called us out of our name. But loved covered when even after u came out of ur neck, i still love u thru ur offensiveness, why? Because JESUS told me in His #word that there would be ppl like you & to still be of love & forgive. @shinygreen1 & I #forgive u for being mean & #sucking. HE PREPARED US. But remember we’re not much different from u, we’re sinners, we mess up, sometimes we’re meanies too - the difference is we’ve been imparted #GRACE & acknowledged that grace, accepting that there is a saving God who has redeemed us from sin. U too can have that opportunity, it starts in the ♥. You dont have to keep being mean for the rest of ur life, u dont have to #suck.

Formerly #SUCKY believers.

#dearmeanguy #imNOToffended #wow #somethingaboutthatname #JesusChrist #words #revealed #truthreveals #lovecovers #jesussaves #meanies #couldagotpoppedinthemouth4that

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